After four and a half years in business, sadly, it is time for us to close Overnite Organics. Thank you to all our wonderful customers who helped us grow from a young family testing out recipes in our own kitchen to a full-fledged business selling to customers across the country. It’s been a wild ride, but all good things must come to an end. Thank you all for making that ride possible by supporting Overnite Organics.


Simply take one pouch of Overnite Organics Overnight Oats, add a half cup of milk (moo, nut, soy, oat), give them a shake or a stir, and let the magic happen while you sleep.  It takes about 30 seconds and you'll have a filling, tasty, and healthy breakfast in the morning.  


the power of oats

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Overnite Organics did not start out as a business for us, but rather as a "life hack" to save time in the morning.  We always found ourselves opting for the quickest option, which generally was heavy and unhealthy. 

We knew we needed a change, and meal prep became a common theme in our household. Come to find out, when you plan what you eat, you make much better choices.  

Overnight oats became a staple for us, and as they say...the rest is history!

Tired of the hotel buffet?

Great on the go

Throw a pouch or two in your luggage to have a healthy breakfast in your hotel room!
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