A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way

Like all moms, my “to do” list is pretty long (and rarely completed), and I struggled to strike the right balance between family, career, social life (ha!) and a healthy lifestyle.I was forced to learn how to manage my time better.  I came to the realization that being a parent basically means cramming as much as possible into the two hour block each night after the kids have gone to bed. With all of the things I was trying to accomplish each day, my personal health felt like it was consistently taking a back seat, while snacking and ordering take out were becoming the norm.  I knew there had to be better a way to take control over my family’s health. In order to optimize my evenings, I decided to consult the experts (ahem, Pinterest) for some “life hacks.”The social media world led me to the concept of meal prep.  I found that prepping meals in the evening was the perfect solution for my family. In addition to meals, we started prepping as much as possible: cold brew coffee, snacks, and work/gym bags. We not only found that we had more time, but we were eating better and throwing away less food. Searching for ways to streamline our mornings, and looking for alternatives to a boring cup of yogurt or processed bar, I began searching for breakfast meal prep ideas - that’s when I found overnight oats!We started making our own recipes, which were an instant hit with family and friends.  They were the perfect solution: overnight prep, ready to go in the morning, kept me fuller for longer, jam-packed with flavor and nutritional benefits –an all around win!At Overnite Organics, we’re obsessed with two concepts, a delicious, nutritious breakfast and saving you time through meal prep.   We hope you enjoy your new breakfast and your spare time!

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