6 Easy Steps To personalize your Overnight Oats(+Additional Ingredients Checklist)

Updated: Jun 27

By: Toni C.

A Note from the Founder: 

"Overnight oats is the perfect breakfast solution for my family and I. As a ready to go breakfast that keeps me full for longer periods and a meal jam-packed with flavor and nutritional benefits – it’s an all-around win for a parent and busy people alike! At Overnite Organics, we are obsessed with two concepts: a delicious, nutritious breakfast and saving you time through meal prep. We hope you enjoy your new breakfast and your spare time."

Starting Tip:

Get Inspired! What is one of your favorite meals or snacks that you can recreate in overnight oats form? Perhaps it is your family's homemade apple pie or your favorite candy bar. Get creative, and make a list of some ideas to start with. We like to base our ingredients list for our oats off our favorite snacks and meals. 

Want our overnight oats ingredients checklist? Get it here


Step 1: Choose Your Oats 

Unlike Steel Oats and Quick Oats, rolled oats soak up the liquid overnight, resulting in a creamy, balanced texture. For a quick and ready-to-go oat alternative, consider using one of our  6 overnight oat gluten-free flavors. All our oats already include hemp hearts, chia seeds, resulting in ready-to-go oat mixture, rich in nutrients, antioxidants and protein. If you do not have our oats on hand, feel free to use any other rolled oats.

Pictured is our Cranberry Walnut, Banana Chip, Almond Berry, Apple Cinnamon, and Oatmeal Raisin flavors.

Step 2: Add a liquid 

The liquid is what truly brings the magic all together! Your oats will soak up the liquid, resulting in a sweet, nutty, tangy, or savory flavor! Test out different types of liquids to see which one works best for you. (Our "Ingredients PDF checklist" goes more in-depth of the various options for liquids)

Step 3: Add an extra tier of flavor (Optional) 

Once you mix your liquid in, you can now add your next tier of flavor. This layer is completely optional and will simply build even more character for your on-to-go meal. 

There are two different approaches to adding this tier of flavor: 

1. Mixing it in 


2. Making it a layer

We base our choice on our preference of texture and consistency. For example, if you are working with mashed fruit, mixing it in will result in a much more desirable consistency. On the other hand, a separate layer of yogurt gives you a nice breakup of different textures.

Step 4: Mix in a health boost! (Optional) 

If you want to get an even extra health boost from your oats, consider adding some extra protein powders, tea powder, vitamins, ect.. 

At this point, once you have mixed your oats, liquid, and add-ons, chill your oats for 4-8 hours.

Step 5: Spice and Drizzle! (Optional) 

Enhance your existing flavors by adding spices and sweeteners! If you are using our Overnite Organics oats, some spices may already be included; however, feel free to add additional ones to fit your taste.

Step 6: Top it off with some extra goodies! (Optional) 

One of our favorite parts and the step that makes for an instagrammable oats jar is the toppings! Get creative and choose flavors that you want to pop when digging into your overnight oats jar. 

Take a picture, tag @overniteorganics on Instagram or Facebook and hashtag #overniteorganics, and enjoy!

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Want our overnight oats ingredients checklist? Get it here

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